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“Company” is defined as A2z Webinfotech a company incorporated under the laws of India and having its Corporate & Training Office at Delhi along with its unit for the Company’s website  is a platform that brings together Jobseekers and Employers. We are recruitment firm. We have a long list kinds of good, reliable and efficient candidates and reputed clients. We are regularly working for industries, MNC’s and reputed companies from last 6 years.

The website is used by numerous Corporate, Placement Companies and Recruitment Firms. The usage of our site is bounded by a set of Terms and Conditions that the employers must agree and adhere to. One of the primary objectives of these Terms and Conditions is to discourage and prevent misuse and fraud. We act as a bridge between the aspiring candidates & the companies. We recommend those candidates who have been screened by us on the basis of education, innovation and there experience.

about us

Our Service



We are a reputed Placement Company in Delhi, offering candidates our services for finding suitable jobs. Through our vast network with companies, we keep a track of multiple job openings and bring forth the relevant ones to you in a quick.



A competitive manpower is the key to the success of any organization. Your employees are the ones who utilize all the material resources and keep your business going and growing. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right candidates for your job.



No matter how robust your infrastructure is, you cannot survive, let alone grow, without an efficient human resource. We are one of the prominent HR Consultants in Delhi, offering our assistance for enhancing the efficiency of your employees.



If you feel like you are standing at the crossroads and unable to decide which career path to take, then we can be your guiding light. We are a trusted Manpower Management & Recruitment Consultant in Delhi, bringing forth the services.

Our Clients

Our Process

Our process of searching for the right candidates is a multidimensional work. We follow a standard procedure, backed by our advanced technological resources, to understand the client’s requirements and accordingly filter through the vast database of candidates so that your vacancies can be suitably filled. The process entails the following steps:

Job Analysis

  • Assessing the company’s nature of business, work culture and needs
  • Understanding the client’s vision, current hiring practices and compensation norms
  • Gathering information about a particular job profile, including its responsibilities, required skill set and desired outcomes
  • Inspecting the responsibilities of current employees
  • Research through internet and companies with similar job profiles to gain a better understanding
  • Create a well-defined, exhaustive summary of the job description
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