How to write Cover letter?

Covering Letters:

Covering letters are also difficult things to write. General advice would be if responding to an advertisement:

i. Observe the custom for writing business letters, with your address on the top right and the recipient’s address under this on the left.

ii. Always address a person (you can phone the organisation to ask who to address your Covering Letter to).

iii. If the job advert has minimum educational or experience requirements, mention that you have these requirements in your Covering Letter.

iv. Never say that the company can benefit you, say how you can benefit the company and give an example of where you have benefited a company in the past.

v. Keep the Covering Letter short, employers often do not have the time to read long Covering Letters, should be one Side of A4.

vi. The Covering letter should have a polite, friendly, yet formal tone.

vii. Always try to include a “short” covering letter just containing your experience, current location, contact details (address & phone number) current company name, technology you are working in. Don’t write too long covering letters. No HR will spend time on reading your long letters.

viii. Don’t make the resume and covering letter too long. Keep it short & sweet. It should be less than 3 pages (and up to a maximum of 4). The HR will hardly have 1 minute to glance at your resume. He won’t have the time to read story-like resume. So, be precise, clear and straight to the point.

ix. Better use bullets for mentioning important points.

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