History About Resume

According to American Heritage Dictionary Resume means “A brief account of one’s professional or work experience and qualifications, often submitted with an employment application.”
If a person wants to hunt a job, He/She needs to head for an interview and there the candidate should have a good resume which should give the employer a clear picture about the person and the skills acquired with qualification, previous work experience and achievements in the past. But in case the candidate is appearing for interview for the first time or if he is a fresher, the details containing in that particular resume differs from than that of the experienced candidate. There are various Resume Writing Guides and tutorials which enables enhancing of the resumes by giving proper tips, Do’s and Don’ts which improves the overall presentation and gives the perfect first impression to the employer.
With the increasing competition from the eligible candidates for getting the right and desirable job, Resumes has become a compulsory document in order to get accepted for an interview which is the first process to get the chance to show What you are? Most employers select the candidates to appear in their first round of interview after judging the contents and presentation of the resume, which acts as the first impression of the participant in the interview. As the old saying says “There is No Second Chance for making First Impression.” Resume can be written in various patterns and structures and they don’t really matter in practical implementation until the content is written legibly and concisely.
Resumes acts as the mirror image of the person who submits it to the interviewer that is why it is important to be carefully written and to look good. Other than content and neatness, there are other elements needed to be considered when we decide that we need a resume. Firstly we should have a clear picture of the Company/Organization for which the resume is being prepared, considering the profile and the operations of the company we must give the complete information which the interviewer desires to see in the resume. For example, If you are giving an interview for an Engineering Company the resume should clearly state and should give special stress on specific studies related to Engineering and also experience in this field. Another very important aspect is to take into consideration while composing a resume is while filling the Personal Information field. Always the truth about ourselves should be written in the resume as lying in any manner would take the candidate nowhere ending up with big problems. Later, there is a risk of the lie being discovered by the company officials and this can create big embarrassing situations.
Lastly, when writing a resume we must point more towards our qualities, skills, achievements and overall the entire positive points in you and less towards our drawbacks and negative points. After all resume is a document which must present the best of the person in it. Resumes should contain all the qualifications, graduations, distinctions, diplomas in the chronological order with the year you have been passed out with. The best things about the resumes are it is likely to present the positive features and the good sides. However, we must not boast non-related positive points which we don’t acquire in the resume and also unnecessary information should be avoided. When printing the resume it should be in a descent font and in accurate style and concision. By using all these general tips people are likely to increase their chances to get hired in most professional firms as well as desired companies of individuals by creating a Quality Resume using accurate methods, there are various different ways of writing resumes for different positions and grades which are described in relevant pages in this website.
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